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Providing Outside General Counsel to Small and Emerging Companies: A Practical Guide

1h 2m

Created on October 25, 2021




Small and early-stage companies usually do not have their own in-house lawyers. The knowledge to serve as outside general counsel to these enterprises can be rewarding and meets a need in the market. This course provides an overview of major legal issues and concerns needed to pivot your practice to serve this vast need.

This course, taught by Wendy Heilbut, the managing partner of a law firm serving emerging companies and creators across a myriad of industries, will focus on the basics issues faced in labor and employment, formation and incorporation, corporate governance, liability, and intellectual property. The typical client when serving as outside general counsel is a founder or CEO and this course will highlight how to communicate effectively with these clients.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Devise pricing strategies for working with and engaging founders and CEOs who have not previously worked with outside counsel

  2. Identify common formation and incorporation dialogues used to determine the formation of a new entity

  3. Discuss key concerns in Intellectual Property, Labor and Employment, Corporate Governance and Liability

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