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Protest Lawyering Part II: Mass Arrest Arraignments

1h 3m

Created on January 21, 2020





Join civil rights attorney Wylie Stecklow, past National Chair of the Federal Bar Association Civil Rights Law Section, past president of the Southern District of New York Chapter of the FBA and founder of the Civil Rights Etouffee (Etouffeelaw.com) as he updates the Protest Lawyering CLE series. In Part II, Wylie will pick up on Mass Arrest arraignments and identify the specific issues and skills needed to help those arrested during mass protests obtain their liberty and get released from jail, protect the protesters' civil rights, and preserve potential claims for a civil rights suit.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify practical strategies to participate in mass arrest arraignments, and to protect the protester's rights and ensure any civil claims they may have been preserved for possible 1983 civil rights lawsuits
  2. Examine the laws, regulations, and process needed to "speak arraignment language" fluently and effectively represent individuals who are part of a Mass Protest Arrest 
  3. Discuss how to spot issues that arise during mass protest arrests that may violate the constitutional rights of the protesters
  4. Explore how to preserve potential claims for future civil rights lawsuits 

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