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Protest Lawyering Part II: Mass Arrest Arraignments

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Produced on January 21, 2020

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Course Information

Time 1h 3m
Difficulty Intermediate

Course Description

Join civil rights attorney Wylie Stecklow, past National Chair of the Federal Bar Association Civil Rights Law Section, past president of the Southern District of New York Chapter of the FBA and founder of the Civil Rights Etouffee (Etouffeelaw.com) as he updates the Protest Lawyering CLE series. In Part II, Wylie will pick up on Mass Arrest arraignments and identify the specific issues and skills needed to help those arrested during mass protests obtain their liberty and get released from jail, protect the protesters’ civil rights, and preserve potential claims for a civil rights suit.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify practical strategies to participate in mass arrest arraignments, and to protect the protester’s rights and ensure any civil claims they may have been preserved for possible 1983 civil rights lawsuits
  2. Examine the laws, regulations, and process needed to “speak arraignment language” fluently and effectively represent individuals who are part of a Mass Protest Arrest 
  3. Discuss how to spot issues that arise during mass protest arrests that may violate the constitutional rights of the protesters
  4. Explore how to preserve potential claims for future civil rights lawsuits 

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Wylie Stecklow


Wylie Stecklow is a civil rights attorney in downtown Manhattan. Mr. Stecklow is the FBA SDNY Chapter President, the immediate past chair of the FBA National Civil Rights Law Section and an adjunct Professor at Fordham Law School (his alma mater). He is a founding member of the National Action Network’s Legal Rights Nights, a recipient of U.S. Congress Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for Community Service, the New York City Council Certificate for Outstanding Citizenship and Manhattan Borough President’s Office Certificate of Recognition for Service to the Community. In 2004, he was the General Counsel for the Billionaires for Bush, and in September 2011, his firm was retained by the Occupy Wall Street General Assembly, and organized pro bono representation for over 200 Occupy arrestees. He has litigated 1983 cases involving First Amendment Rights in New York, Maryland and Iowa. Since 2015, he has been named a Civil Rights Super Lawyer. He has served as a panelist and moderator for Civil Rights CLE’s organized by New York County Lawyer’s Association, National Police Accountability Project and the Federal Bar Association, and has presented an investigators’ training at the Civilian Complaint Review Board on how to interview police officers. His affinity for New Orleans spans more than two decades, and more than 50 JazzFest days. Since 2006, he has hosted NYC’s Most Authentic Mardi Gras Party, Fat Friday, an annual non-profit fundraiser.


David B.

Fantastic and so important!!

Erica G.

The Speaker is very passionate about what he does and that it amazing.

Keith J.

Very practical advice, clearly (and enthusiastically) presented.

Edward B.

very well done - could follow even though not watched part i

William C.

Great presentation of "how-tos" in connection with representing individuals arrested in civil protest activities. Well done!

Michael S.


Alison S.

Great course as well as great presenter.

Christine L.

Fantastic course, thank you so much.

Bonnie O.

Great CLE!!

Karen S.

Thank you Wylie! Cut my teeth on mass arrests during OWS. Watched Protest Lawyering 1 live in 2019. Appreciated viewing Protest Lawyering 2 today on demand - ironic it was live on first day of the impeachment trials. Since then Americans are rising up over systemic, instutionalized racism... looking forward to Protest Lawyering 3. Thank you for all you do for our democracy!

Thomas P.

Great course with many detailed insights on protest lawyering.

J S.

I hope a rating of 4 is the best -- it's hard to tell the way this survey is set up

Ameenah K.

This was an excellent informative CLE and provided thorough information for defense attorney's defending clients that are arrested for protesting. This is a much needed CLE in light of what is going on in the Country right now.

Michael T.

Awesome overview of the nuts and bolts of criminal procedure and negotiation of a disposition for any new criminal lawyer, with tips that veterans can use.

K. Kerry A.

instructor was GREAT

Andrea C.

Wow, just wow. He is so inspiring! One of the best CLEs I've ever taken!

Emily K.

Extremely informative, engaging, and inspiring. I hope to take the accompanying Protest Lawyering 1 and 3.

Scott B.

Thank you very much.

Sean R.

Fantastic presentation -- I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you. Sean Roaney

jeffrey g.

This course was riveting.

Lenore W.

Highly recommend. Very interesting, practical and useful content.

Catherine F.

Very timely.

Kristopher Y.

Amazing course. Wylie's passion and knowledge for the subject is evident. Thank you for your service to making the country a freer place. You are an inspiration!

Randi R.

Extraordinary series (I've watched Parts 1 and 2)!

Dominic T.

His passion and knowledge for the subject matter really shines through, even in the short time spent together.

Lee N.

Great CLE.

Daniel M.

thank you!

meg n.

Excellent. I wish I had had you in law school.

Jill B.

Chalktivism should be protected speech.

Simon H.

Fantastic presentation! Best CLE I've taken in years!

Merrill S.

Nice to take a practical CLE for a change - the speaker was terrific!

Lindsey S.

Very informative, thank you so much!

Dawn M.

I found this course to be very interesting although unrelated to my area of specialty

Sarah M.

great course, ty

angela f.

Thank you

Sue Z.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience so that we can also put our JDs to good use to fight the good fight!

Rosalyn A.

2 thumbs up!

Howard W.

A great job!

Georgette O.

I never write comments but this CLE was fantastic. It made me so excited and motivated to help with future protests. I can't wait for Protest Lawyering III!!

Ria M.

It's a timely issue and the content was very helpful.

Jeffrey R.

Very interesting topic. It reminds me of the old civil rights days I watched on TV as a kid growing up.

Antoine M.

Enthusiasm, commitment, and proficiency to a patriotic cause - you can't beat it! , the definition of advocacy.

Jeremy S.

Thank you, informative and more fun than a typical CLE

Blair R.

Love this series!

Randall S.


John W.

Very knowledgeable instructor. Incredibly easy to follow his line of thought and I did not once lose interest.

Emanuel H.

Very informative. Presenter was knowledgeable and engaging.

Michaella L.

Not an area of law I practice, but an area of interest. This was a great resource and a great presenter. I would love to hear more from this presenter on constitutional law.

James H.

great presentation

angela v.

Great CLE, very informative and practical!

Matthew D.

You are an inspiring individual. I love your passion and drive for your work and the Constitution.

Romulo S.

Inspiring CLE!

Jon L.


Joseph L.


Robert L.

Excellent course, great presenter. And, sadly, a necessary topic for our times.

Jonathan B.

Thanks for having a presenter who has clearly been in the trenches doing this work.

Carrie B.

Loved his passion!

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