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Protecting the Food or Agri-Business: Managing Contracts, Trademarks and Non-Disclosure Agreements

1h 2m

Created on September 24, 2015



Attorney Cari Rincker touches upon the three major issues pertaining to the protection of the food or agri-business: (1) contract management, (2) trademarks and other intellectual property (“IP”) concerns, and (3) non-disclosure agreements (“NDA”).  The presentation examines ways the food and agriculture lawyer can help manage these issues for the growing food or agri-business. 


Learning Objectives:

I. Know Proper Contract Management: 

  • Document Scanning
  • Excel
  • Calendaring and Automatic Renewals
  • Issues with Existing Contracts

II. Recognize NDA Issues and Considerations including: 

  • Applicability
  • Types of NDAs
  • Alternative Provisions
  • Maintaining Records
  • Practical Pointers

III. Trademarks and other IP Concerns: 

  • Overview of IP Types
  • Trademark Applications, Renewal and Management

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