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Professionalism: What They Didn't Teach You In Law School Can Hurt You


Created on December 21, 2021





Judges and Bar Associations are crying out for more professionalism in the legal community. Some Bars even have a "professionalism agreement" or "Lawyer's Creed" that they ask all lawyers to follow with express consent and agreement. These actions acknowledge a problem exists but don't fully solve the problem.

Can you continue to be a zealous advocate for your client? Can you hold your cards close to your chest? Can you negotiate fiercely to get the best deal for your client? When done with a high level of emotional intelligence, you can do all that and embody the essence of professionalism in your practice. More importantly, your clients will love you, judges will respect you, and colleagues and peers will hold you in high esteem. Who doesn't want that?

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Discuss why being a good lawyer carries with it skills that cut against emotional intelligence, and how to overcome this in order to maximize your professional presence

  2. Identify core emotionally intelligent competencies that uphold central standards of professionalism

  3. Weave emotional intelligence and pillars of professionalism into your critical thinking mind to become an even more effective lawyer

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