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Professional Liability Insurance Coverage

1h 31m

Created on June 03, 2016




In this course, attorneys Evan Schwartz and Matthew Conroy lead you through the important legal principles governing insurance coverage for professionals. Join them as they discuss how these claims made policies operate, how they differ from occurrence based policies, and the key legal issues that arise in connection with coverage for these types of claims. Evan and Matt also provide strategic guidance and practice tips to help better represent clients in connection with these claims.


Learning Objectives:

I.     Recognize the difference between claims made policies versus occurrence-based policies, and how these policies function  

II.    Understand the definition of the word claim and how a claim relates to the notice requirements contained in claims made policies 

III.   Gain an appreciation of what constitutes professional services under these policies 

IV.   Identify how to handle specific issues in the various areas of professional liability coverage

V.    Obtain a better understanding of how to handle professional liability insurance coverage claims through practical tips

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