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Pro Bono Strategies in Emergency Response to COVID-19

1h 2m

Created on June 19, 2020





Individuals and communities affected by the current public health crisis are facing unprecedented and growing legal needs, such as obtaining relief from the government and navigating housing or employment issues. In times of emergencies, legal aid programs play a critical role in addressing that surge of needs, and often with the assistance of pro bono lawyers and advocates.

This program will review the general need of legal advocates in emergency response and highlight examples of how nonprofit legal aid organizations are engaging pro bono attorneys in their remote COVID-19 projects. The panel will share case scenarios on remote pro bono representation and pathways to getting involved in COVID-19 pro bono work. This program will benefit attorneys and other legal advocates interested in learning more about pro bono strategies in COVID-19 response. 

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Identify the legal needs and challenges emerging from COVID-19

  2. Analyze key components and general workflows of remote pro bono projects

  3. Discuss strategies and best practices to help programs expand their outreach in the midst of a public health crisis

  4. Use technology to engage pro bono attorneys

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