Privacy & Data Breach 101

Production Date: August 28, 2017 Practice Areas: Privacy & Cybersecurity Estimated Length: 3670 minutes


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Thanks to high-profile data breaches of personal information impacting millions of people, data privacy has garnered increasing attention by consumers, legislators, regulators, and corporate Boards of Directors. Privacy is governed by a complex patchwork quilt of U.S. federal, U.S. state, and international laws, regulations, self-regulatory regimes and industry standards and best practices. The increased attention to data privacy has led to a rapidly evolving legal landscape.

As the “rules of the road” for data privacy continue to shift, technology also is evolving – as are the vectors for cyberattacks resulting in a data breach.  Information is its own currency, and an organization’s ability to protect and leverage its information assets is crucial to protecting its brand and reputation. There are a number of steps that businesses and organizations should take to proactively protect their information assets, including developing a comprehensive privacy program and incident response plan. When an organization suspects or confirms a data breach, there are a number of reactive steps that should, and must, be taken as well.

This course, presented by Nancy C. Libin and Heidi Wachs of Jenner & Block, will provide an overview of the current legal and regulatory data privacy landscape. They will explain how the current legal framework has evolved and how the many requirements can be incorporated into a comprehensive privacy program that helps companies prepare for a data breach. Ms. Libin and Ms. Wachs will then walk participants through the process of responding to and investigating a breach and provide insight as to what business units and third parties should be engaged.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Obtain an overview of the current state of data privacy laws and regulations
  2. Grasp how to proactively prepare for a data breach, including through developing a comprehensive privacy program
  3. Understand best practices and legal and regulatory requirements for responding to a data breach

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This was a great overview - very informative and comprehensive.

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Solid program. Timely, informative.

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Outstanding course!

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As a CISSP, I found this useful