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Preventing the Bad from Getting Worse: Techniques for Recognizing and Reducing Litigation Trauma

1h 3m

Created on May 25, 2021





Even under the best circumstances, a legal dispute can be exhausting, scary, and isolating, and the experience can significantly reduce the benefit of an eventual legal victory. In fact, litigation and the underlying issues that lead to it can create effects similar to PTSD. A good 'bedside manner' can significantly reduce this stress among clients but is generally not part of a lawyer's professional education. Fortunately, we have the power to significantly mitigate litigation stress. This program, taught by Aaron Solomon and CEO Meredith Parfet of the Ravenyard Group, walks attorneys through steps that can be taken to reduce litigation stress in their clients, such as ensuring that their goals are clear, that they are well informed regarding the litigation process, and that they have adequate outlets for their emotions.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Examine the dynamics and effects of crisis among clients
  2. Recognize the causes of litigation trauma
  3. Identify concrete steps that lawyers can take to help reduce stress in their clients

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