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Preparing Your Pharmacy for a DEA Inspection


Created on July 27, 2015




The diversion of prescription drugs continues to be a significant issue that health care practitioners face. As this problem grows, the DEA and other agencies have increased regulatory enforcement actions. Accordingly, practitioners, especially pharmacies, should be aware of their responsibilities, how to minimize the risk of diversion in their practice, and their rights, in the event they are the subject of a regulatory inquiry. Join Wilentz's Angelo Cifaldi and Satish Poondi as they discuss the legalities surrounding a DEA audit, including the rights of the pharmacy and the potential penalties that may be incurred. 


Learning Objectives: 

I.    Recognize the common elements of a DEA audit 

II.   Grasp the legal ramifications of a DEA audit, including potential civil, criminal, and administrative penalties

III.  Understand the legal rights and responsibilities of the pharmacy undergoing a DEA audit 

IV.  Identify good practices that will help simplify the audit process


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