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Preparing to Climb Everest: A Guide to Trial Preparation

1h 7m

Created on December 20, 2021




This course, taught by trial attorney Florina Altshiler, Esq., provides strong entry-level courtroom skills together with an understanding of effective preparation for trial. Topics addressed include effective communication, advocacy throughout each phase of a trial, anticipating and addressing possible objections and motions, and proper preservation of error. Participants will learn how to develop a toolbox for trial preparation, complete with discovery checklists, motions in limine to be addressed, jury instruction preparation, verdict sheets, witness preparation, and evidence lists.

This course will benefit all new litigators and many experienced litigators looking for a new perspective.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Develop courtroom communication skills 

  2. Review the structure and function of each part of a trial 

  3. Develop strong entry-level advocacy skills and technique 

  4. Make and meet objections 

  5. Become familiar with case analysis and trial preparation 

  6. Discuss professionalism and best practices in the context of courtroom conduct  

  7. Effectively use Pattern Jury Instructions 

  8. Use verdict sheets to your advantage

  9. Develop effective witness trial preparation skills

  10. Plan appropriately for the use of evidence, potential objections to overcome, and anticipating foundational hurdles

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