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Preparing For, Defending and Resolving Federal and State Department of Labor Wage and Hour Investigations and Audits

1h 1m

Created on May 11, 2020




It only takes a single employee making a complaint to a Department of Labor to start an audit or inspection. This audit may evolve to include an investigation of not only the immediate complaint but all of the employer's compensation practices. These investigations can generate not only assessments of allegedly back due to wages, but penalties as well. This program will address how best to prepare for such an audit, what to say - and not say - during the audit, and how to respond to ostensible audit findings to get the best resolution for your client. 

Taught by employer-side attorney Mark Tabakman of Fox Rothschild, LLP, the program will take a practical and focused dive into everything an employer needs to know about today's complex wage-hour laws.  

Learning Objectives:
  1. Prepare for a DOL Audit, including document production, employee interviews, and identifying the best legal positions for your client to adopt
  2. Deal with the Audit, including what to say and how much discovery to produce
  3. Achieving the best result for your client under the circumstances 

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