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Preparing a NYS Cannabis License Application: From Production & Distribution to Micro-licensing & Social Equity


Created on June 28, 2021





This program will discuss New York State's recently enacted Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act ("MRTA"), and the provisions governing the adult-use licensing application process that is anticipated to open in late 2021. Presenters Stephanie R. Schuman and Joseph A. Bondy will clarify the key provisions of the MRTA, focus on the different types of licenses available, from microlicenses to large-scale production and distribution licenses, and explain the statute's emphasis on social equity licensing, who qualifies as a social equity applicant, and what impact this has upon the process, from application requirements to reduced fees and low or no-interest financing opportunities.

Intended to benefit both experienced attorneys in the cannabis field and as new entrants to the practice area, the presenters will explain each element of what MRTA authorizes the Cannabis Control Board to request of putative applicants, and best practices in preparing clients and assembling all necessary facts, records, and evidence into a compelling application package. Using real-life examples, they will walk attorneys through the process of meeting with clients, evaluating strengths and weaknesses, assessing and bridging gaps, and preparing a complete and compelling application that presents the client in the best possible light.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the MRTA legislation, and what it does and does not allow

  2. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the potential applicant

  3. Bridging the gaps on a potential application 

  4. Gather the supporting evidence and records

  5. Prepare the final application

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