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Practical Approaches to Complex Section 1983 Litigation

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Produced on January 23, 2017

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Time 1h
Difficulty Beginner

Course Description

In this program, attorney Samuel Maduegbuna shares with experienced civil rights litigators and viewers a number of unique and practical approaches to complex (high value/difficult fact pattern) Section 1983 litigation, including case selection, identifying winning themes, the proper parties, prerequisites to filing the lawsuit, relevant time limitations on doing so, and factors to consider in determining the proper forum in which to bring the action, and compares the relative advantages and disadvantages of bringing these claims in state or federal court. He shows how to assert winning claims and overcome most commonly asserted defenses in this area through ongoing investigation, artful pleadings, and expansive but focused discovery.

Mr. Maduegbuna discusses what reliefs are available in this area, including statutory attorney’s fees, and how to maximize potential damages and available reliefs. His course also covers a number of practical litigation tactics and commonly encountered discovery and trial issues as well as ethical considerations in high profile litigation, including media involvement.  

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Learn how to identify winning themes, pre-suit considerations, including intake, investigation and early expert involvement, the proper parties, conditions precedent to filing the lawsuit, claims, and defenses, as well as the practical differences between state and federal claims
  2. Understand the various time limitations, such as accrual dates and statutes of limitation applicable to Section 1983 claims
  3. Comprehend the factors that must be weighed in deciding whether to bring the action in state or federal court, and the relative advantages and disadvantages of bring claims in state or federal court
  4. Grasp how to assert winning claims and overcome most commonly asserted defenses in this area through ongoing investigation, artful pleadings, expansive but focused discovery, and motion practice
  5. Identify practical litigation tactics relating to (a) Motion Practice; (b) Discovery Issues; (c) Trial Motions (In Limine Motions; Daubert Motions; etc.; and (d) Trial Presentation
  6. Recognize the different forms of relief available in this area, including statutory attorney’s fees, and how to maximize potential damages and available reliefs

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Samuel Maduegbuna

Maduegbuna Cooper LLP

Sam Maduegbuna is a partner at New City-based Maduegbuna Cooper LLP. The firm’s primary practice area is in all aspects of civil rights litigation handling cases mainly in federal courts throughout the State of New York and at times in jurisdictions outside New York.

Mr. Maduegbuna is an experienced litigator and trial lawyer with a particular expertise in complex and challenging cases including employment discrimination, workplace abuse, personal injury, civil rights and commercial matters. He has successfully represented clients in high-stakes trials against municipalities, multinational corporations and financial institutions, and obtained significant jury verdicts as well as negotiated multiple six- and seven-figure settlements on behalf of clients.

His practice focuses on trial and appellate practice, arbitration and mediation, principally in the areas of labor and employment, personal injury, medical malpractice, civil rights and commercial matters. Sam has tried cases in federal and state courts and arbitrated these matters before a wide range of arbitral tribunals. He has argued critical motions and appeals, including conducting the oral argument before the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in a seminal decision on whether state common law torts arising from workplace drug testing are preempted by Federal Drug Testing Regulations applicable to workers in safety sensitive positions in the transportation industry. He has also argued and briefed appeals in the United States Courts of Appeals for the Eleventh and District of Columbia Circuits and the Appellate Divisions of the New York State Supreme Court.

Mr. Maduegbuna is a graduate of the University of Nigeria Law School. He also holds a Master of laws Degree from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. 


Ana M. M.

Very Practical. Thank you!

Joey J.

Very knowledgeable. Well done !!!

Patrick P.

This was a great summary of important section 1983 facts!

Thomas W.

Good presentation - very knowledgeable

Bonnie C.

Succinct and informative speaker

Amy D.

Very practical information.

michael g.

Good course that was a lot more interesting than I thought it was going to be. Well done.

Amy E.

Good presentation

pamela s.


Gerardo G.

Very nice presentation, lot's of practical information.

Lourdes G.

Fantastic presentation! Very thorough. Very good speaker, great pace. The materials were well organized. Best presentation yet.

Christopher B.

This presentation was excellent--one of the best I have seen! I am amazed at how much information the presenter was able to squeeze into a one-hour segment. One suggestion would be the name of the program (perhaps "What Every Lawyer Should Know Before Taking a Section 1983 Case.").

nancy d.



This knowledgeable attorney needed much more time for this valuable information. Liked how he focused on the practicality of accepting and then trying a case

Patricia L.

Great overview - very organized, good tips, specific examples -

Kristin T.

Wish I had listened to this before my first section 1983 case. Very well explained.

Julie A. B.

Speaker has an appreciable depth of understanding of the subject matter and opines with a consciousness for the listener. Well done.

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