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PR for Lawyers: The Basics


Created on January 24, 2022





Lawyers depend on marketing, public relations, and business development to attract new clients and retain existing clients. This session will explain how lawyers can use public relations (PR) - the art and science of proactive advocacy by a company, individual, or brand - to achieve positive publicity and a notable reputation through focused, sustained effort. We will provide the basics on the differences between PR and advertising, as well as what it takes to strategically manage your key messaging to reach your target audience. Lawyers will learn how PR can help them communicate messages about themselves, their law firms, their understanding of the law, and the cases they handle on an everyday basis. The key takeaway will be that public relations must be a strategic part of a carefully considered marketing plan that complements the firm's brand, supports the firm's business development and client service efforts, and reinforces other forms of communication.

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