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Post-Pandemic Attorney Wellness: Setting Yourself Up for Success

1h 5m

Created on September 02, 2021





In this course, taught by consultant and attorney coach Alyssa Johnson, you will learn practical tools and techniques for maintaining your well-being as the legal profession adjusts to life post-COVID-19. Additionally, you will learn how to utilize time management tools to help with competing work priorities, as well as tools to reduce overwhelm. Alyssa will also teach ways to increase your own productivity without increasing your stress.

This course will review overall attorney wellness statistics, including the high rates of alcohol and drug abuse that are found amongst lawyers, and emphasizes the need to address mental health issues. The ethical obligations of maintaining your well-being will also be discussed, and hypotheticals will be provided to help inform discussions with colleagues.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Apply practical tools and techniques for maintaining well-being in spite of a busy law practice

  2. Identify time management tools to help prioritize and triage legal tasks while reducing overwhelm from self-imposed and client expectations

  3. Recognize and address the legal ethical obligations implicated in maintaining attorney well-being

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