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Personal Injury Trials and Technology: A Plaintiff’s Perspective (Update)

1h 1m

Created on April 07, 2017



In this program, an update to his highly regarded prior course on the topic, experienced trial lawyer and skillful negotiator Justin Blitz will detail trial tactics and strategies using technology to gain an advantage when trying a personal injury case to verdict. He will explain the use of technology to effectively communicate your message to younger jurors, New York’s ever-changing jury pool, and our social media-infused society’s proclivity for instant gratification.

Topics of discussion will include using technology for jury selection, openings and summations, the various types of demonstrative evidence at trial, and the effective use of technology for depositions and direct and cross examinations. Mr. Blitz will also highlight the use of technology to convey the severity of an injury or accident site, and to gain an edge with all types of evidence. Additionally, the program will analyze current case law and evidentiary issues at trial, providing additional resources to get viewers started with using technology in the court room.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Build your tool box of needed ammo to gain an edge with technology and demonstrative evidence
  2. Highlight the strengths of your case
  3. Use technology to gain information
  4. Shut down your adversary at trial and mediation

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