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Personal Injury: How to Obtain the Best Settlement Offer for Your Client (Update)

1h 3m

Created on May 11, 2017




In this update to Mr. Schnurman's original course, Alan Schnurman and Clifford Tucker team up to teach viewers the most effective methods to settle their client's personal injury cases. Mr. Schnurman discusses the main factors that affect the worth of a personal injury lawsuit and a variety of techniques he's acquired over his 40 years of experience as a plaintiff's attorney. He explains everything from how to get a settlement offer without actually asking for one to how to determine the optimal time to settle a case. Additionally, he addresses why providing materials to the claims adjuster is extremely helpful in procuring a settlement. Throughout this engaging presentation, veteran attorney Schnurman fields questions from rising star Clifford Tucker that cover many common negotiation issues that come up in personal injury law practice.  

The wealth of information provided in this program is great for both attorneys at the beginning of their careers and experienced attorneys looking to learn new tricks from this master personal injury practitioner. 

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Identify the core aspects of a personal injury case
  2. Understand how to negotiate with a claims adjuster and the negotiation tactics they use
  3. Grasp what cases should settle immediately and why
  4. Discuss settlement strategies and timing
  5. Address issues that arise in mediation

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