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Perception Is Everything: Defining How You Want to Be Viewed in the Market


Created on March 24, 2022





Once lawyers understand what they want to achieve with respect to business goals in the context of PR and why they want to achieve them, lawyers must decide how they want to be perceived and by whom. Through this session, we will teach lawyers why defining the way they want and need their most important audience to perceive them is central to designing their position statement and PR initiatives. Specifically, lawyers will understand the difference between features and benefits so that they can communicate two specific messages within their position statement: the features of their law firm or practice and how those features uniquely benefit their target audience. In a nutshell: features are the characteristics that physically describe one's legal services, background, or experiences, while benefits are why one's services matter to the recipient. While features establish lawyer credibility and distinguish one's background from that of their competitors, benefits tell the audience what they will gain by working with that specific lawyer or law firm. In other words, why their services matter.

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