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Pay Equity Laws in the Northeast: New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts

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Created on January 31, 2019




Pay Equity continues to be one of the hottest issues in 2019.  Not surprisingly, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts have some of the most robust pay equity laws in the nation. The heightened focus on pay equality has also led to high-stakes litigation and substantial settlements.  An understanding of these laws is essential to identify and address potential pay disparities and develop strategies for managing legal compliance. Kathleen Caminiti, Melissa Osipoff, and Cheryl Pinarchick of Fisher Phillips will provide an overview of the latest legal developments in this evolving area of the law. This course will benefit attorneys nationwide whether they're looking to become familiar with this national trend, are referring to these laws as a model for their own states, or have employees and/or clients in New York, New Jersey, or Massachusetts.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Provide an overview of the key provisions of the Federal Equal Pay Act and the State pay equity laws of New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts
  2. Examine trends in rising pay equity litigation
  3. Identify effective strategies for evaluating pay equity and taking advantage of safe harbor provisions when available
  4. Offer practical advice for navigating the complex area of pay equity

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