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Patents, Trademarks and License Agreements for Manufacturers and Fabricators


Created on March 29, 2022




Have you ever wondered what it takes to receive a trademark or patent for your business? Many small businesses, especially in the more traditional manufacturing fields like plastic or metal fabrication, believe patents and trademarks are only for the big players, but that is far from the truth. In this program, intellectual property attorney and former science educator Lesley Wallerstein will describe and clarify in a very user-friendly way the key rules, and tools, that are available to protect what your clients work so hard to create. You will discover what patents, trademarks, and licenses are, their benefits, their costs, and their limitations. You will further learn how to recognize whether your clients have protectable IP, and how you can steer them toward the protection they need. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define the basics of patents, trademarks, and licensing agreements

  2. Identify the benefits, costs, and limitations of patents and trademarks

  3. Decide if your client has protectable IP

  4. Review best practices for protecting your clients' IP

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