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Part IV: Contractual Obligations and IP Protection for New Businesses

1h 5m

Created on January 18, 2016



Contracts are at the very core of how businesses manage their relationships, both internally and externally. From the people that do the work of your business to the people who employ that business, tight contracts ensure that the business in question runs the way you expect, and that you are protected when it doesn’t. For many modern businesses, Intellectual Property is the backbone of their model and the source of most of their value. Proper registration and management of your IP is an important aspect of your business’ contractual relationships, directly and indirectly. In this course, Todd Kulkin examines contracts and discusses how IP is managed and protected for new businesses. 


Learning Objectives: 

I.     Identify the different internal contracts used by most businesses 

II.    Understand the various external contracts your clients may use in business and why different approaches are preferred 

III.   Discover how value is extracted from IP, and how to protect that value 

IV.   Familiarize yourself with the IP basics and know when to seek expert co-counsel 

V.    Respond to IP infringement claims, and learn how to proactively protect your client’s business

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