Part III: Legal Issues in Fundraising for New Businesses

Production Date: January 18, 2016 Practice Areas: Business, Corporate, & Securities Law Estimated Length: 3833 minutes


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It is common knowledge that a business needs capital to survive, grow, and thrive. Savvy business attorneys have many tools at their disposal to help clients obtain and maintain the capital they need. In this course, attorney Todd Kulkin provides a primer on many of those tools, preparing you to determine which ones are best for your clients and how to employ them for the maximum benefit. 


Learning Objectives:

I.     Understand the major fundraising strategies

II.    Prepare your client’s exit strategy (and plan for it)

III.   Delve into the mindset of your client’s potential investors 

IV.   Navigate debt financing options (and avoid sharks) 

V.    Determine the optimal entity formation based on fundraising strategies 

VI.   Identify valuation methods and strategies

Asher L.
New York, NY

THis is the second time I have used his program and probably will watch others as well.

Robin B.
Lanham, MD

I would look forward to a crowd funding follow up

Lorenzo L.
Colleyville, TX

Todd Kulkin is a terrific presenter with a sharp sense of humor.

Erik G.
Grand Junction, CO

The entire series was great. Practical and easy to follow.

Robert S.
Anaheim, LB

Very Well Done

irina a.
reno, NV

This is a really great overview course or a refresher course, very helpful information, and materials. Thank you very much for putting this together!

Andrew L.
Houston, TX

Great summary of the rules

Justin C. R.
Dallas, TX

Great Speaker

Michael S.
Chicago, IL

good overview

Patrick M.
Dallas, TX

Very thoughtful.

Peter T.
Carrollton, TX

Good course.

Steven S.
Davis, CA

I recently moved to SF and fundraising is a huge issue here. Was happy to have this information.

Charles W.
Houston, TX

Good Overview.

Kimberly C.
Hawthorn Woods, IL

Wish it were longer! Please have him do more courses!

William H.
Winchester, VA

I now almost regret my usually high ratings I give to presenters here as that makes my "stupendous" grade here have less value. I have the inclination, but, regrettably, not the time, to go to an on-line thesaurus to look for more superlatives. This has been the one session that had the most per$onal value to me, so I was particularly happy that it was first class.

Lea G.
St. Albans, HRT

This was a great programme! Loads of well presented issues in start up finance.

Elizabeth W.
Perrysburg, OH

The presenter seemed very happy to be presenting, which is always nice!

Carolyn H.
New York, NY

He's great. I am planning to take all parts of this series

Shaun S.
San Diego, CA

always a good lecturer with practical information

Paul G.
Lake Forest Park, WA


William D.
Austin, TX

I found this fascinating. Not in my area, but answered so many of my questions about subjects related to my area.

Donald W.
Naperville, IL

great practical insights.

Audrey C.

Easy to understand; pleasant speaker

Gregory G.
Dallas, TX

Great presentation!

Mark G.
Highland Village, TX

Heavier lifting than I expected, but outstanding and very thorough presentation.

Perry L.
Philadelphia, PA

great coverage of the topic

Doris N.
Vernon Hills, IL

Very good course!

Mark V.
Tubac, AZ

Have Todd Kulkin do more Lawline programs

Westminster, CA

This session was very informative about the financing options and securities regulations. I would like to see more about fundraising and pitfalls to be aware of for practitioners.

Jeffrey W.
New York, NY

Well done. Extremely useful course.

Ra'Shaun K.
Brooklyn, NY

Very informative lecture!

Steven W.
Squaw Valley, CA

First rate speaker

Richard B.
San Diego, CA

Interesting topic, well-handled

Edward H.
Chicago, IL

Great course and knowledgeable faculty

Rimfa E.
Mechanicsburg, PA

Informative yet entertaining speaker

John W.
Houston, TX

Great topic and series

F. Kim C.
Happy Valley, OR

This guy is really good at teaching or imparting information. I liked his style.

Manish C. S.
Somerset, NJ

He was very clear and engaging

Sharon A.
San Francisco, CA

Very informative.

Elizabeth F.
Mundelein, IL

very up-to-date information on funding rules - kulkin's continued passion on this topic makes this series easy to absorb.

Rebecca J.
Chicago, IL

Excellent Presenter

Michael K.
Saint James, NY

lots of technical info for novice--great course

William H.
Stony Brook, NY

Todd is a great speaker.

Edward F.

Lively & informative presentation!

Michael B.
Chicago, IL

Good primer course on items covered in overview!

William M.
Lake Bluff, IL

Kulkin knows his stuff.

Marc G.
New York, NY

The teacher was engaging and easy to listen to. I look forward to taking more of his courses.

Colleen P.
Kensington, MD

great cle

Patrick C.
Roslyn Heights, NY

Speaker is knowledgeable, but presentation should be longer and in more detail

Margaret H.
Spring Valley, NY

Thanks very much, Todd, well done!

Jay M.
Sarasota, FL

Terrific series!

Andrew J.
Dallas, TX

Great presentation

Trina R.

this speaker was very easy to understand and knowledgeable

Bernadette A.
Spokane, WA

Good presenter.

Nicholas R.
Grand Rapids, MI

Excellent presentation skills

Terrie J.
Dallas, TX

He's an excellent speaker and the material is terrific!

Glen G.
Cleveland, OH

Great speaker and course.

Henry S. S.
Rochester, NY

Very worthwhile and informative.

Nicholas K.
Manhattan, NY

remarkably on-point

Debra B.
Corvallis, OR

Good basic overview with good examples. Very engaging.

Robert B. F.
Mountain Brook, AL

Well done!

Daria T.
Bloomfield Hills, MI

Loved Todd Kulkin's presentation. Will be viewing more of his seminars.

James S.
Silver Spring, MD

Todd Kulkin's class, like his other classes, was organized, informative, and nicely presented.

Bethanni F.
Louisville, KY

Very informative seminar.

Randall S.
San Diego, CA

HE was good!

Marc S.
Smithville, MO

One of the better overall programs I have seen on this program for doing all the right things but not doing to much of them.