Part II: Identifying Partnership Issues for New Businesses

Production Date: January 11, 2016 Practice Areas: Business, Corporate, & Securities Law Estimated Length: 3761 minutes


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Partnerships are the backbone of success in the start-up world. They allow an entrepreneur with a strong concept to obtain the skills they require to realize it, and to increase their chances of profitability and growth. Choosing the perfect partner is your client’s job; it’s your job to protect your client. In this course, attorney Todd Kulkin provides a top-to-bottom understanding of partnerships and how to counsel partners through formation, the (hopeful) ascension of their business, and (hopefully not) their collapse.   


Learning Objectives: 

I.     Learn due diligence techniques to identify potential problems before they arise

II.    Recognize the different forms a new partnership can take 

III.   Identify the major entrepreneurial “archetypes,” and what type of partnership fits each best

IV.   Understand the most crucial aspects of a partnership agreement 

V.    Protect your client if something goes wrong in the partnership 

VI.   Appreciate the ways in which a partnership can fail and advise your client how to both prepare for and avoid such failures

Alvin S.
Kingwood, TX

This presenter was outstanding - great refresher on beginning partnerships.

Ron V.
Greenwood Vil, CO

Good course. I enjoy the instructor's informal/practical approach to the topic.

Rhonda R.
Memphis, TN

Mr. Kulkin is an excellent speaker.

Berry C.
Austin, TX

great conversational style of presentation

David D.
Parker, CO

Kulkin does a great job on these.

Allan S.
San Antonio, TX

Thoughtful presentation. Well done.

Erik G.
Grand Junction, CO

The entire series was great. Practical and easy to follow.

Steven S.
Davis, CA

I like this professor a lot and partnership issues are particularly interesting to me in this series.

Richard E H.
Berkeley, CA

Another informative, common-sensical, enjoyable presentation by Mr. Kulkin. I've counseled or been a part of start-ups intermittently for over 30 years, and found myself both nodding in agreement and recognition AND noting some issues and approaches I wish I'd known and applied years earlier.

Charles W.
Houston, TX

Good overview presentation.

Josh N.
Boca Raton, FL

Another excellent course

Donna H.
new york, NY

This is an excellent course

Carolyn H.
New York, NY

He's great

Donald W.
Naperville, IL

Great practical advice

J. David G.
Colleyville, TX

entertaining fellow

Kirstin K.
Forest Hills, NY

Speaker was personable.

George K.
Huntsville, AL

Mr. Culkin is a superior presenter. I thoroughly enjoy his series.

Mark V.
Tubac, AZ

Great course. Todd has an excellent attitude and I appreciate his willingness to share his expertise.

Warren W.

After 20+ hours of CLEs, this one is the most informative and interesting so far. Learned so much.

Assly S.
Vista, CA

Part 2 is worth it. Off to watch parts 3-5.

Jeffrey W.
New York, NY

Another informative course by Mr. Kulkin. Well done.

Steven W.
Squaw Valley, CA

Great speaker and very knowledgeable

Kathleen H.
Westcliffe, CO

great, real examples

Brian P.
Colorado Springs, CO

Very enjoyable n

Erik B.
los angeles, CA

Todd Rocks!

Lorenzo L.
Colleyville, TX

Excellent presentation; clear, thorough and extremely informative.

Elizabeth F.
Mundelein, IL

Part II was informative as well-strong information about partnerships and JV.

William H.
Stony Brook, NY

Good practical information about partnerships.

Catherine W.
Springville, UT

My favorite CLE presenter of all times!!!

William M.
Lake Bluff, IL

This guy is great.

Matthias G.
Homewood, IL

Very helpful. Very practical. Light on the conflicts issues, but that wasn't the purpose of this video.

Laura V.
Woodside, NY

Excellent speaker

Andrew M.
Franklin Lakes, NJ

Practical. Excellent.

Terrie J.
Dallas, TX

Excellent speaker - very easy to listen to and terrific information

Debra B.
Corvallis, OR

Great anecdotal content that made the topics come alive.

Thomas G.
New york, NY


Dawn E.
San Diego, CA


James S.
Silver Spring, MD

I really enjoyed Mr. Kulkin's class. I found it well organized, well presented and very informative.

Linda A.
Laguna Hills, CA

Interesting speaker.

Christina A.
Owatonna, MN

The speaker was lively.

Randall S.
San Diego, CA

very good commentator