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P-Visas: Athletes and Entertainment Groups of International Renown (Update)

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Created on September 17, 2019





In this update to his original course, attorney Michael Cataliotti, provides an overview of the P-visa, from the parties involved with each petition and the different sub-categories to the necessary elements for a successful adjudication.

Within the array of visas available for Sports and Entertainment immigration, the P-visa is by far one of the most frequently utilized classifications for athletes and entertainers. Broken down into two primary subclasses that cater directly to these two types of beneficiaries - among others, which will also be discussed - it is important for the practitioner who handles immigration, entertainment, or even corporate work to have a basic understanding of this sought-after status. Understanding the fundamentals will allow the attorney to advise properly the athlete trying to make training day, the music group needing to rehearse in preparation for the big tour, or the venue owner/booking agent seeking talent.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Recognize the nature of the P-visa and when it may be utilized
  2. Break down the parties to every petition
  3. Ascertain the most common potential-client disciplines the practitioner may encounter
  4. Address the varied sub-categories of P-visa classification
  5. Identify the fundamental elements of each petition
  6. Discern what makes the average petition stronger

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