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Overview of School Liability Cases in New York – What Every Lawyer Should Know


Created on June 08, 2017




With increasing frequency, anyone following the news has seen a dramatic rise in reported incidents where students are harmed at school, and the attendant lawsuits brought by parents for the schools' negligence, or failure to protect the students in their charge. As a result, many parents and educators have been left wondering whether, and when, the schools will be held responsible for these incidents, and at what point the line is drawn for holding schools responsible-or exempt-for the harm that occurred to their students. In this program, attorney Jonathan Cooper addresses many of those questions and more.

Participants of this class are welcome to receive a free copy of "When Schools Fail to Protect Our Kids: A Parent's Guide to School & Daycare Negligence Cases in New York" by clicking on the hyperlink to the book and filling out the book order form.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the different scenarios under which New York schools can theoretically be held liable for harm to their students, including the following:
    1.  School and daycare negligence
    2.  Sports/playground accidents
      1. Is "Play at Your Own Risk" really true?
    3.  School bullying/assaults
  2. Understand the legal standard for holding schools liable across different jurisdictions in the country – which plays a crucial role in determining school liability for a particular incident
  3. Explore the practical considerations when suing a municipality

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