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Other Transaction Authority In Government Contracting: An Alternative and Innovative Procurement Methodology


Created on June 13, 2017



Other Transaction Authority (OTA) rights were first granted to NASA in 1958 to increase innovation and speed of the space agency mission by providing an avenue for non-traditional contractors to participate in government contracting. Since then Congress has approved 11 agencies to utilize this authority. There has been a rapid increase in OTA usage since 2010 and the trend continues. It is an efficient, effective contracting methodology that appears to be outside the Federal Acquisition Regulations yet is ripe with landmines for clients.

In this program, attorney Marc Snyderman, former Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel of a mid-tier government contractor, offers his unique perspective on this growing area of government contracting most are not familiar with. 

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Understand what OTA is and how it works
  2. Identify when OTA can be valuable
  3. Appreciate and avoid pitfalls clients can fall into
  4. Best practices for representing a nontraditional defense contractor

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