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OSHA Retaliation Claims in the Trump Administration


Created on January 25, 2018



President Trump has made progress on his campaign promises of rolling back government regulations. Now, a year into the Trump Administration, we have seen significant changes to the OSHA regulatory landscape. OSHA whistleblower complaints had been on the rise during the Obama Administration. However, the Trump Administration has not pursued enforcement as aggressively. This webinar will review the actions taken by the Trump Administration to rollback OSHA regulations and how the retaliation statutes are now being applied.

This course, presented by Jacquelyn Thompson, counsel with FordHarrison LLP, reviews how OSHA enforces the anti-retaliation laws under the OSH Act and provides real life examples of courts enforcing retaliation claims brought against employers by the Secretary of Labor. 

Learning Objectives:
  1. Gain an overview of OSHA
  2. Review the OSHA regulatory landscape under the Trump Administration
  3. Determine what to do in an OSHA inspection
  4. Examine the most pertinent statutory provisions, particularly 11(c) of the OSH Act
  5. Discuss examples of 11(c) enforcement

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