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Organizing as a Benefit Corporation: Pursuing Profit and Purpose

1h 4m

Created on November 03, 2017




Twenty-first century businesses are energized by both "doing good" and "doing well." They seek to pursue profit in a way that creates a benefit to employees, customers, the environment and the community at large. Thirty-two states (including Delaware) have responded by adopting laws that allow for the creation of "benefit corporations"-entities that engage in for-profit business while committing to create a general public benefit. Organizing as a benefit corporation has both legal and market advantages. This program, taught by Regina M. Robson, a shareholder of Robson & Robson, P.C., will teach you how to create or convert to a benefit entity and understand the legal obligations of operating as a "B" corporation. It will also help you to determine what sorts of businesses might benefit from organizing or converting to this new hybrid form.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the legal context of hybrid entities and its advantages for some businesses
  2. Discuss the process for organizing or converting to a benefit corporation
  3. Identify ongoing legal requirements to operate as a benefit corporation
  4. Gain practice tips for deciding whether to "go benefit"

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