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Online & Mobile Digital Interactive Advertising: Video Games, Branded Entertainment, Native Advertising and Beyond

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Produced on December 10, 2015

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Time 1h 3m
Difficulty Beginner
Topics covered in this course: Science & Technology Advertising

Course Description

Over the last decade, advertising, marketing and promotional activity has undergone revolutionary and transformative changes. Rapidly supplanting the traditional commercial monologue of print, radio and television, we find ourselves in a world where there are more interactive, mobile communications devices than people on the planet.


We live in a world where people rely on search engines (not traditional libraries or books) for information and where content is available online and virtually everything can be searched, researched and discovered with a click! Increasingly, everything we see, hear and feel are smart, interconnected and interactive. The advertising and promotional industries have not been blind to changing consumer preferences and habits. In a world in which consumer studies consistently show that consumers trust their peers more than corporations and advertisers, no wonder ‘influencers’ have arisen from the ranks of bloggers, YouTube producers and Web and mobile-based content producers. Technology has given consumers the tools that can enable them to either choose to engage with advertising or skip through and avoid promotional messages entirely.


Whether marketing to children or senior citizens, gamers or teachers, digital interactive advertising is increasingly seen as the gateway to consumer engagement with brands, promotions, products and services.


Regulators, courts and law enforcement may struggle to keep up with rapidly changing technology, but they too have not been blind to the dynamic changes taking place in the way advertising is made available and the form and methods used by sponsors and agencies to deliver advertisements and promotional messages to the consumer marketplace. The Federal Trade Commission, Federal Communications Commission, State Attorneys General, and numerous Federal and State agencies, as well as the courts are racing to meet the challenges of regulating and enforcing the rules in this brave new world.


When it comes to advertising, marketing and promotional activity, much has changed but the objectives have not – advertisers want to reach consumers with meaningful and effective advertising; regulators want to protect consumers from being deceived, misled and being subjected to unfair trade practices. Increasingly, digital and interactive technology is also giving a much wider array of providers (e.g., wireless carriers, browser and search engine providers; gaming platforms), access to valuable and often sensitive consumer data, including personally identifiable information.


This program examines how many of the fundamental principles of law and regulation that apply to advertising, marketing and promotional activity have been transformed to meet the challenges of today’s interactive, digital ecosystem and where challenges still lie ahead. Emphasis will be given to examining some of the new forms of advertising used in video games, through native advertising and digital product placement, in branded entertainment and in mobile media and how the law and regulation applies and what is likely on the horizon.


Learning Objectives

I.     Grasp fundamental principles that continue to regulate the consumer marketplace – from children to senior citizens

II.    Identify the major trends and the legal and regulatory implications to advertising and promotions being driven by mobile, digital interactive technology

III.   Highlight areas of increased regulatory scrutiny and concern

IV.   Describe approaches to compliance and provide practical insights in guiding clients as the technology ecosystem continues to evolve


Joseph Rosenbaum

Rimon, P.C.

Joe is an internationally recognized and highly valued media, entertainment, marketing and promotions, corporate-commercial transactional lawyer, known as much for his strategic advice and policy acumen, as his legal skills and judgment. Prior to joining Rimon, Joe was a partner in the New York office of Reed Smith LLP and prior to private practice, served for 17 years as an in-house lawyer for American Express, including 4 years in Toronto as Vice President & General Counsel of Amex Canada.

Joe’s extraordinary background, the scope of his experience and understanding of traditional legal considerations enables him to stay at the forefront of today’s innovative digital and mobile technologies. Joe is equally at home working on film production and financing, streaming video and music services, co-branded credit card matters or data protection implications of loyalty rewards programs, as he is working on international gaming, online promotions, digital payment systems, complex outsourcing transactions or mobile marketing campaigns. As a trusted advisor, Joe has negotiated executive and board level agreements and is routinely sought out for counsel regarding strategic plans, revenue growth, business and product development.

Over almost four decades, Joe has worked collaboratively and successfully with clients around the world and in virtually every industry: media, sports and entertainment, including film, television, music and publishing; financial services and payment systems; advertising, promotions and celebrity endorsements; marketing, brand management and loyalty-rewards programs; online, mobile and video gaming and sports betting; travel, lifestyle and travel related services, including airlines and hotels; digital and mobile technology and telecommunications; procurement, sourcing and outsourcing; virtual and augmented reality. His work routinely requires him to advise and work with clients on matters involving privacy, data protection, cybersecurity, compliance, crisis, fraud and risk management.

Combined with Rimon’s attorneys, Joe’s network of professionals developed through almost four decades of national and international practice is unparalleled - giving Joe the ability to get help and provide clients with the resources they need anywhere, anytime, on virtually any matter.

In addition to his legal work, Joe has served on numerous corporate, non-profit and industry association advisory boards and continues to advise commercial enterprises, associations and industry groups around the world.


Beth Florence D.

Great Lecturer - thank you

Marco C.

Very good presenter. Should expand to 90 minutes.

Kenneth S.


Erica R.

Best course I've ever taken through jawline.

James B.

Very good speaker. Delivered the material in a clear and concise manner illustrated by relevant examples.

Nancy W.

The overview of the digital/online advertising environment (& methods to market) was amazing. Good refresher on legal principles and helpful presentation of the evolution of the analysis of the traditional advertising, consumer & IP issues. I was very pleased with the course.

lindsay c.

I thought this was a terrific overview.

jon s.

Good presentation.

Thomas S.

Unfortunately the highest rating available in each category was a 4. I would have chosen 10. One of the best seminar presentations I have seen.

Anita B.

Like this guys video example's a lot. it made this easy to understand and not boring.

Gina A.

Loved the music!

Michael H.

Really excellent; highly entertaining and informative.

Stuart H.

Love the quirky sense of humor in choosing exemplars

Richard T.

Great use of example clips; very entertaining

Ira G.

Some really amazing things here.

Stephen A.

Very good presentations. Like the use of video.

tim r.

Great use of video examples.

Edward F.

Informative & lively! A very good presentation.

Joseph J. O.

Informative & entertaining. The speaker had a very nice manner.

Joel K.

This guy was great.

Kelvin B.

Excellent presentation! Integration of short videos made it exciting. Content was exemplary!

Candice C.

One of the best yet. Loved the real world examples of what works, doesn't work and why.

Randy B.

Please make this course a two part series.

Laura G.

One of the best Lawline courses I've seen!

Kiman L.


Daniel C.

I really enjoyed this presentation. The use of video and media is fantastic. I wish more classes were like this. Winner.

Leslie W.

great content (examples) in slides

Tim W.

really like the use of ads and video clips for illustration

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