Obtaining Disability Compensation Benefits for Disabled Military Veterans (Update)

Production Date: October 26, 2015 Practice Areas: Health Care Law, Disability & Social Security Law, and Public Interest Law Estimated Length: 3669 minutes


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Veterans who have returned from military service can develop physical, mental, and emotional problems that manifest many years down the road. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (“VA”) provides compensation benefits to such individuals whose disabilities were incurred in or aggravated during active military, naval, or air service under 38 U.S.C. § 1110. Join attorney Eric Gang in this introductory course that explains how a veteran can qualify for these benefits. Mr. Gang discusses in detail the criterion used by the VA to assess the validity of a claim. He reviews the various challenges that exist in proving that the injury was incurred during military service. Mr. Gang also reviews the special rules and exceptions that apply (such as for combat veterans). This is a must-see introductory course for learning about how to obtain disability benefits for veteran clients.


Learning Objectives:

I.   Summarize the disability compensation criteria

II.  Identify how to achieve Veteran status

III. Discuss current disability

IV. Describe the requirement of “during period of active duty”

V.  Recognize a nexus with service


Thomas M.
Lee's Summit, MO

As a military retiree- he did a great job.

Jerry K.
Chicago, IL

excellent presentation.

Michael J. L.
Plainfield, NJ

As a Vietnam Veteran myself, with a couple of the diseases for which there is a service connected presumption, I found the presentation very interesting.

Jonathan B.
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comprehensive and thorough

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Great program

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This course was well-assembled, organized and concise. Thank you.

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Very impressive presenter

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Well structured, logical format.

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Great presentation.

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So much information that I did not know about.

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This was an excellent program!

Corey E.
Renton, WA

Thank you!

Lawrence K.
Agoura Hills, CA

Very good course.

Michael D.
Bainbridge Island, WA

A really fine introductory course. I could've listened to Mr. Gang for hours. Fine job.

carol b.
Houston, TX

Excellent presentation. Well worth watching.

Tom G.
Montgomery, TX

Interesting topic. I have recently been exposed to a veterans' group and was curious. This was a helpful program.

Mark M.
Fort Worth, TX

Excellent presentation!

Virginia W V.
West Union, SC

overall good information

Charles W.
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Very good overview presentation.

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Well given

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Glad someone is looking out for veterans!

Rose Ann P.
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presenter was a great speaker!

thomas t.
chicago, IL

crystal clear

Brian O.
Merrick, NY

excellent program. He had to chose between doing an overall outline of what veterans attorneys do or delve into eligibility more specifically and he chose the later, which was fine. I would watch a different lecture by Mr. Gang if he has one. I knew nothing of Veterans Benefits going into this and now I have good base to build on.

Timothy R.
Joliet, IL

Best of the group

Laura C.

I'm a service-connected disabled veteran. Thank you!

Teresa S.
jackson, NJ

Eric Gang was very knowledgeable and informative and gave a great presentation.

Magin P.
Washington, DC

This was a great and clear speaker who gave us a great overview of the subject matter.

james c.
Jersey City, NJ

Excellent presenter and thorough job on the subject. Well done.

Randal B.
Covington, WA

As a veteran, I really liked everything about this course. It was great information!

jon s.
Brownsville, TX

Mr. Eric Gang exhibited broad depth of knowledge coupled with a humanistic desire to assist his clients. His attitude is reflected (naturally) by his CLE talk. Keep up the good work!

Michael V.
Clifton forge, VA


Danisha M.
Macon, GA

I would like to see this turn into a comprehensive series.

Scott D.
White Plains, NY

great presented, knowledgeable and well prepared.

Sarah G.
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Wonderful lecturer and very important and interesting material. I would like to watch more CLEs by this lecturer.

Jeannie c.
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mklaw2004@gmail.com K.
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This was really well laid out. Good job.

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Cathy L.
Alexandria, VA

Teacher was one of best I've heard.Very organized and good speaker.

william a.
torrance, CA

Articulate; concise!!!

Retha M.
Columbus, GA

This course provided a concise and well-organized introduction to this area of law. Speaker provided helpful examples.

Karen R.
Chatsworth, CA

Faculty, Eric Gang, was excellent.

Linda D.

This was very informative and helpful. Thank you very much!

Cynthia M.
Knoxville, TN

Really comprehensive overview, well-organized and clear. Thank you. USNR CDR (ret)

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very informative

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Abigail S.
Conroe, TX

Interesting client stories

Michelle H.
Virginia Beach, VA

Excellent overview! One of the best modules I've done so far

Lisa E.

Very informative and provided much needed background and history to understand the needs of veterans. Thank you!

Jack F.
Virginia Beach, VA

The topic was presented quite well and comprehensively for a 1 hour presentation.

Morgan E. S.
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This speaker was very good

Catherine M.
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Very informative and worthwhile class.

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Tasneem A.
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excellent presenter.

Steve S.
delray beach, FL


Dirck H.
Alexandria, VA

My father is a Vietnam vet who complained for years that Agent Orange caused his Type II diabetes. Had i know n then what the speaker shared today- years of dad's suffering could have been alleviated much earlier. Many thanks.

Dennis S.
Alexandria, VA

outstanding speaker

Adria B.
Gainesville, VA

Informative, thorough, and excellent. Well done!

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Excellent and very informative!

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Gordonsville, VA

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Centerville, UT

One of the best presentations I've had. This was very well done and I would love to see additional or "next steps" on this topic.

Robert K.
Eden Prairie, MN

excellent presentation

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mount morris, NY

good review

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New York, NY

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Manhattan, NY

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Philadelphia, PA

This should have been expanded to a two credit course

David W.
Richmond, VA

excellent presentation

Deborah W.
Springfield, VA

I am very interested in the subject matter and greatly enjoyed the presentation. Speaker was excellent.

Guy R.
Elon, NC

I work for the VA and this guy really knew his material well. Great to have someone of his caliber out there advocating for veterans. I am a veteran myself.

Judith M.
Sag Harbor, NY

One of the best courses I've taken. Wish more time were allotted.

John B.
Raleigh, NC

Great information!

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Buffalo, NY

Eric Gang is one of your best speakers.

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clear, relevant and well presented

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Los Angeles, AL

I am volunteering with my Vets in my capacity as an RN and ATTY. The more I learn, the better I can guide and assit.

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