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NY Real Estate Construction Transactions: Demystifying Construction Contracts for the Real Estate Professional

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Produced on March 24, 2017

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Course Information

Time 1h 19m
Difficulty Intermediate
Topics covered in this course: Contract Real Estate

Course Description

Through the use of case studies and real-world examples, seasoned real estate and construction attorney Jeffrey Escobar walks participants through an in-depth overview of the major contracting construction transaction documents that compromise every construction project, including Owner/Architect agreements, Owner/Contractor agreements, and Contractor/Subcontractor agreements, as well as how they affect each other and the interests of your client. Presented from the specialized perspective of owners and developers, legal advisors and others, the program demystifies how to quickly identify and understand project risks, highlight the preferred position of each project stakeholder, the best practices for negotiating key provisions favorable to a client’s position, and a proposed real-world resolution.

This seminar is practical and useful for anyone who is tasked with reviewing and preparing construction contracts.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Review major construction transaction documents in depth, and understand how these documents affect each other and your client
  2. Examine the perspective of various stakeholders, including owners, developers, and legal advisors
  3. Explore how to quickly recognize and mitigate project risks
  4. Identify best practices for negotiating key provisions favorable to your client 

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Jeffrey R. Escobar

Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Jeff advises horizontal and vertical project owners, real estate companies, joint ventures, institutional owners, closely-held developers, lenders, investors, sponsors, project companies, private and public utility companies and private equity funds across the US and throughout the Americas on their financing and deployment of capital on their most complex and large-scale commercial real estate, energy, infrastructure, transportation, and renewable energy projects. Applying a deep sense of practicality and business acumen, Jeff provides clients with key insight and in-depth knowledge into every stage of project and real estate development, construction and financing.

From the construction of a professional sports stadium and the only aerial commuter tramway system in the country in New York City, to the development and construction of large luxury apartment communities in Los Angeles County and the engineering of energy facilities in the Gulf of Mexico, Jeff has led hundreds of large and complex vertical and horizontal projects spanning the Americas on behalf of key players in the merchant gas and energy, renewable energy, infrastructure, and commercial real estate industries and spaces.

Truly, there is no commercial, energy, infrastructure, real estate, construction or development project too large or too small that Jeff has not had experience leading.


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Awesome speaker. Abundance of knowledge and provides great overview.

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excellent in every class

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Practical Information

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Very good and detailed lecture

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Excellent presentation

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lots of information thanks

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Again, he is an excellent knowledgeable presenter and I have enjoyed his courses. Thanks.

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