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Not-for-Profit Corporations: A Primer on Formation and Governance (Update)

1h 1m

Created on November 08, 2021





When forming not-for-profit corporations, a charitable intention is necessary, but not enough. Navigating the federal and state landscapes regulating and restricting charitable entities is a complex endeavor.  

This program will focus on federal and state regulations pertaining to not-for-profit corporations and governance issues relating to those entities, with a particular emphasis on avoiding conflicts of interest, compensation of executives, and proper stewardship of assets.  

The course will benefit any attorneys seeking a primer on not-for-profit formation and governance. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify who regulates non-profits at the federal and state levels

  2. Select the right type of charitable organization for your client's objectives

  3. Review the steps for creating a not-for-profit entity

  4. Achieve and maintain federal tax-exempt status

  5. Comply with state registration and reporting requirements

  6. Analyze the most common governance issues for non-profits, including related party transactions, use of endowment funds, selection of auditors, investment policies, restrictions on lobbying and political activities, whistleblower provisions, conflict of interest policies, and officer compensation

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