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Nonprofit Law for Attorneys: From Formation to Compliance

1h 1m

Created on April 29, 2021





Nonprofit law is a unique, complex, and very rewarding practice area, however, many transactional attorneys avoid working with nonprofits because they don't understand the tax and governance issues. This course will provide valuable information about the nonprofit formation, compliance, and governance. In addition to reviewing common issues in forming nonprofit organizations and maintaining compliance with your state's requirement, the program will also provide advice for attorneys interested in volunteering as board members for nonprofits, including the responsibilities for Board members, and best practices for protecting yourself from potential liability.

This program will benefit any attorneys looking for a primer on nonprofit law. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the formation and exemption of nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations
  2. Analyze annual compliance requirements
  3. Review common nonprofit governance issues
  4. Identify fiduciary duties of the Nonprofit Board
  5. Discuss the importance of Indemnification and Liability Protection
  6. Specify the 990 informational return & audit requirements
  7. Assess tax issues for the tax-exempt entity
  8. Apply tips for representing nonprofits to your practice

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