No Good Idea Goes Unpunished: IP Protection in the World of Retail (Update)

Production Date: October 23, 2017 Practice Areas: Intellectual Property Law Estimated Length: 5422 minutes


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The retail world has changed significantly since the dawn of the internet age. Join attorney Amy B. Goldsmith as she examines how to use traditional intellectual property (patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade dress and trade secrets) to protect a retailer’s branding, ideas, and goods, both online and off.  

Once protection is in place, Ms. Goldsmith will review what enforcement strategies work in the brick and mortar world to protect the physical appearance of a building and in the online world to protect the physical appearance of a website. 

Learning Objectives:
  1. Understand how traditional intellectual property (patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade dress and trade secrets) can be used in the retail world
  2. Review recent cases involving allegations of infringement
  3. Learn how traditional means of IP protection translate to the online world
  4. Gain information regarding enforcing IP rights against online infringers and discover what works and what does not
Eve L.
Danville, IL

Well presented.

Julie S.
Fairfax, VA

Excellent class -- good case examples

Justin B.
Irvine, CA


Jonathan S.
Auburn, AL

I actually enjoyed this CLE

Mary Jane D. O.
New York, NY

As a patent attorney, I found this to be a very good refresher in trademark, trade dress and copyright principles.

Leslie A.
Mechanicsville, VA

I was able to view the content of this course without issue unlike the other Lawline course I just took. I used a different computer so I believe my issues with the prior course were not Lawline's fault but were based on my own computer's issues.

Normandy Park, WA

Great session, very informative and informed speaker.

Tracy M.
Leesburg, VA


Tom H.
Orange, VA

really appreciate how many different aspects of intellectual property law instructor fit into the hour and a half presentation

Taylor B.
Arlington, VA

Great course!

Dan O.
Richmond, VA

Great course. One of the most in-depth yet understandable presentations I've seen on Lawline. I would absolutely recommend this presenter/course.

Charles S.
Arlington, VA

The slides were excellent! The time flew by! Very interesting take on intellectual property that I had never really considered!

Jessica B.
Springfield, VA

A focused discussion of IP in the retail sector

Deanna C.
Glen Allen, VA

This was an outstanding webinar and I highly recommend it. The presenter was clear and spoke so comfortably all the while covering very complicated material. Well done!!

Louis D.
Washington, DC

Great introductory program for any unfamiliar with IP law

Rebecca Z.
Lovettsville, VA

Great presenter and presentation. Thanks!

Ross S.
Springfield, VA


Lisa K.
Hollywood, FL

I always enjoy this speaker. She is very clear and gives great concrete illustrations of her points.

Wayne G.
Norfolk, VA

Excellent for beginner to mid-intermediate IP, esp TM, attorney

Linda H.
Hyattsville, MD

Good presenter, very good content.