NJ Family Law

Production Date: February 21, 2015 Practice Areas: Family & Matrimonial Law and Public Interest Law Estimated Length: 5542 minutes


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Family Law in New Jersey can be a very complex area of practice for any attorney. In this presentation, Karolina Dehnhard and Elizabeth Foster of Budd Larner breaks down these complexities. The presentation includes a discussion of the aspects of a divorce from grounds to equitable distribution. 


Learning Objectives:

I.     Identify grounds for divorce in New Jersey

II.    Summarize how to conduct a divorce action

III.   Recognize alimony structures and equitable distribution

IV.   Understand custody considerations


 This course originally appeared as a part of our February 2015 Bridge the Gap Event.

natalie g.
East Rutherford, NJ

Loved the instructors! Very clear and helpful. Weren't boring which made it easy to pay attention and stay attentive.

Wiliam R.
bethlehem, PA

Both presenters were articulate and demonstrated excellent knowledge of Family Law in NJ.

Christopher M.
Ramsey, NJ

I thought both presenters took a potentially dry subject and made it very interesting. Nice slide materials that will be useful in the future.

Anthony R.
Ozone Park, NY

Faculty were excellent

John B.
Mount Bethel, PA

Very informative!

Eric M.
Hamilton, NJ


Alyssa G.
Port Jefferson Station, NY

A lot of information in a short period. nice work!

William H.
Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Very good refresher.

Maureen C.
Wilmington, DE

Speakers were dynamic.

Mary Kate C.
Atl. Highlands, NJ

Speakers, especially Ms. Dehnhard, were exception. Well organized information. The speakers are clearly passionate and interested in their field of law. I would appreciate more time to cover the missing Domestic Violence slides, however.

Frank K.
Bayonne, NJ

well presented

Steven D.
Delanson, NY

Interesting palimony section.

Kristyn O.
New Rochelle, NY

Very helpful for those practicing in NY and for new attorneys.

Briana K.
Brooklyn, NY

I liked these two instructors.

Linda G.
Randolph, NJ

Karolina was an exceptional presenter.

Samantha R.
Morganville, NJ

Excellent experience with the website.

Robert R.
River Vale, NJ


Linda P.
Newton, NJ

Excellent. Great speakers