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New York Matrimonial Law from A to Z

1h 15m

Created on May 09, 2017



This program, taught by David P. Badanes, an experienced attorney in matrimonial and family law, provides an introduction to matrimonial law in New York State. The course reviews all the issues involved in a divorce matter, from whether the parties meet the residency requirements for filing, to the signing of the Judgment of Divorce.

The program covers the law as well as practical real-world tips for negotiating child custody and support, preparing for forensic evaluations, evaluating spousal maintenance and the equitable distribution of assets, as well as the specific rules for attorney fee agreements.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Gain a basic familiarity with matrimonial law in New York State
  2. Understand the fundamental issues involved in a divorce matter
  3. Obtain practical resources and references

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