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New York Landlord & Tenant Litigation: Special Commercial Issues (Update)


Created on October 03, 2017



Although the focus in NY is often residential issues, commercial landlord and tenant litigation is high volume and specialized. Commercial landlord and tenant law is sophisticated commercial litigation and needs to be approached as such. In this program, taught by Michelle Maratto Itkowitz, a noted NYC Landlord-Tenant attorney, will examine the many commonly litigated issues in commercial landlord and tenant law, delving into the many subtleties that make the area particularly challenging, including Yellowstone Injunctions and Good Guy Guaranties.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss some of these frequently litigated clauses in Commercial L&T cases: sublet; surrender; no waiver; use; build-out; additional rent; and free rent
  2. Navigate the complex course of conditional limitations in a lease default situation
  3. Draft a notice to cure lease default and a notice of termination of lease
  4. Prosecute or defend against a Yellowstone injunction
  5. Litigate issues involving a Good Guy Guaranty

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