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New York Landlord & Tenant Litigation: In the Courtroom (Update)


Created on September 27, 2017




There are, on average, 254,183 new landlord and tenant cases filed in the Housing Parts of the New York City Civil Courts every year. The courts are open about 250 days a year. That is 1,017 new cases, on average, for every day that the court is open. Moreover, these cases spawn an astounding 242,250 motions, on average, per year. These cases also result in 125,951 warrants of eviction. In other words, there is a huge volume of Landlord and Tenant cases working its way through the court system.

In this program, taught by noted NYC Landlord-Tenant attorney Michelle Maratto Itkowitz, viewers will learn to initiate Summary Proceedings for the Recovery of Real Property pursuant to the Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law (RPAPL), and will learn how to successfully prosecute (or defend) the case through motion practice and trial. The program also cover how to think strategically about these cases to obtain desired objectives.

Learning Objective:

  1. Initiate a summary proceeding
  2. Supervise and effectuate valid service of process pursuant to the RPAPL
  3. Exploit defects in service of process in an L&T case
  4. Conduct motion practice
  5. Successfully try a LL&T proceeding

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