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New York Income Tax Resident Status, Implications, Determination & Appeals (Update)


Created on December 06, 2018




The determination of resident status has significant income tax implications in New York State and New York City. Join attorney Richard W. Goldstein of Baker Tilly for this timely update to his program addressing the determination, implications, and appeals of income tax resident and nonresident status.

In this program, he will cover resident status planning, the tax audit process, audit defense, and the appeals process for adverse audit determinations. He will also address the methods that are used to audit taxpayer resident status and proactive measures you can take to ensure the best tax outcomes for your client.  

Learning Objectives:

  1. Break down fundamental differences between resident and nonresident income taxation in New York and appreciate the distinction between "statutory residence" and "domicile"
  2. Discover proactive measures that will reduce the likelihood of your client becoming a New York City or New York State resident
  3. Identify methods used by New York to audit taxpayer resident status
  4. Address the nuances of the New York State and City income tax appeals process

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