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New Jersey Wills and Estates Practice

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Created on June 28, 2015




Generally the only time people think about making a will or taking care of their estate is when they are dying or are in their "twilight years." However, the time to have a will prepared and to take care of your estate is when you become an adult.


Quite often people find themselves preparing a will or getting their estate together at the last minute. Attorneys who practice family law can often influence clients during divorces, etc. to have a will prepared and to get their estate in order. Even if you are not an attorney who practices estates, you can still prepare and advise on wills and estates, and, upon viewing the program, can add this to one of your many areas of practice.


Learning Objectives: 

I.    Understand the basics of preparing a will and estate planning 

II.   Identify when letters of testament are required 

III.  Recognize the law on establishing the relationship between parent and child pursuant to NJ law as it relates to wills and estates

IV.  Comprehend the issue of probating a will, preparing a will, and the transfer of a decedent's property to an estate

V.   Appreciate the roles of administrators and executors relative to an estate

This course originally appeared as a part of our June 2015 Bridge the Gap Event.


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