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New Jersey Real Estate – Contract to Closing


Created on April 03, 2017



In New Jersey, there is a standard form contract with two versions formatted by the New Jersey Association of Realtors. In this course, attorney Rhonda Eiger delves into the provisions of the contract. She addresses what should be removed, what should remain and what should be modified from the perspective of a buyer and also, alternatively, a seller. She provides a template for an addendum to contract for the purchase of the home and one for the sale of a home.

The program walks you through the legal end of the home buying process including an introduction to title and survey issues. It also explains the process from contract to closing. This course should help you whether you intend to conduct a real estate closing as an attorney or if you are simply purchasing a home for yourself.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the contract

  2. Review a Buyer's Addendum

  3. Review a Seller's Addendum

  4. Discuss title and survey issues

  5. Explain the steps from contract to closing

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