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New Jersey Attorney Ethics: A Field Guide to (Not) Losing Your License

1h 18m

Created on August 31, 2020





Attorneys occasionally find themselves subject to an ethics investigation. Such investigations often result in a quantum of discipline which is usually determined by a balancing of aggravating and mitigating factors. If you are an attorney in New Jersey, it will help to learn what makes the disciplinary authorities tick - i.e., what factors move the sliding scale up or down. 

In this quick-moving, tongue-in-cheek program, New Jersey ethics attorney Marc Garfinkle offers a lesson in aggravating factors - those acts and facts which will make things worse for you if you are facing a disciplinary proceeding. Couched as a guide for attorneys seeking to get suspended, this humorous program takes a serious look at the way in which discipline is determined - and maybe keep you from facing discipline in the first place.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the top ethics issues for which New Jersey attorneys are disciplined
  2. Analyze the aggravating and mitigating factors for determining disciplinary action
  3. Avoid facing the disciplinary committee in the first place 

This program has been approved as a 1.5 credit New Jersey Ethics program for attorneys seeking admission by motion to the New Jersey State Bar. 

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