New Developments in Waivers for Immigrant Visa/LPR Applicants

Production Date: December 03, 2015 Practice Areas: Immigration Law and Public Interest Law Estimated Length: 3600 minutes


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The I-601 and I-601A Waivers are considered mysterious and elusive by many practitioners. What are the standards? What about the denial a client received from the last waiver filed? 


The “Extreme Hardship” standard may be intimidating. You need to find out the best way to prepare your cases for success. Additionally, the I-601A waiver has been helping spouses and children of US Citizens make use of their available Immigrant Visas without leaving the United States for a protracted period of time. 


With the I-601A, clients without legal entries to the US can apply for an advance waiver of their unlawful presence. Find out how you can (1) ensure your client’s success in the I-601A waiver, (2) prevent them from inadvertently remaining stuck outside the United States while (3) preventing key pitfalls.


Learning Objectives:

I.    Examine the I-601 Waiver, and best practices for ensuring your client the best opportunity for success

II.   Discuss who is eligible for waivers in Form I-601

III.  Grasp I-601A and who is eligible for relief, keeping in mind how it could be revoked at a consular interview

IV.  Gain familiarity with valuable examples of successful and unsuccessful I-601As, and how to best present your case

V.   Recognize the extreme hardships standard and its main components

VI.  Investigate the new proposed rule for expansion of the I-601A, and how even more individuals ineligible for adjustment in the United States may benefit from it

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