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Neurodiversity and the Law: A Beginner's Guide to Workplace Compliance

1h 4m

Created on December 13, 2021




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The course, presented by Craig Leen of K&L Gates, will provide an introductory overview of neurodiversity and the law. Mr. Leen will define "neurodiversity," review the federal laws governing protections for neurodivergent employees, and explore how workplaces can implement programs to support neurodivergent employees and build accessible and inclusive work environments.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define "neurodiversity" - what does this actually mean?

  2. Discuss the legal standards established by federal law in the context of neurodiversity and non-apparent disabilities

  3. Illustrate how neurodiversity and autism at work programs can help build accessible and inclusive work environments, helping ensure compliance with federal law

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