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Net Neutrality and Its Impact on Content Distribution

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Produced on June 25, 2018

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Time 1h 30m
Difficulty Advanced
Topics covered in this course: Administrative Advertising

Course Description

In this program, Alexi Maltas of Hogan Lovells will provide an overview of net neutrality and its impact on content distribution. First, Maltas will discuss the status of net neutrality and the questions with which lawmakers and internet service providers are grappling. He will then provide a history of internet regulation in the United States, and examine the current role of the Trump Administration in regulating the internet. Other topics to be covered include the FCC’s “Restoring Internet Freedom” Order and its potential impact, and rapid changes in the video and cable landscape.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Review the concept of net neutrality, including underlying policy questions surrounding it and the current status of the FCC’s recently adopted “Restoring Internet Freedom” Order
  2. Examine the history of internet regulation
  3. Explore looming issues in internet regulation, including impending changes to the video and cable landscape
  4. Discuss Cable vs. OTT services, and the distinction between the two mediums

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Alexander Maltas

Hogan Lovells

Alexander (Alexi) Maltas helps communications and media clients navigate the evolving legal and regulatory landscape to maximize flexibility and advance business interests. He also negotiates content licensing agreements for distribution of content across multiple platforms, including broadcast television, cable, satellite, and Internet distribution.

Alexi has particular experience in the legal and regulatory treatment of cable, media, and broadband Internet services. He also advises clients on the regulation of current and emerging wireless technologies, as well as telephone companies and other common carriers. He regularly represents clients in regulatory and enforcement proceedings before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), other federal agencies, federal and state courts, and state public utility commissions. In addition, he has represented clients in significant transactions before the FCC and Department of Justice, including CenturyLink in its acquisition of Qwest Communications, Time Warner Cable in its assignment of spectrum licenses to Verizon, and Leap Wireless in its acquisition by AT&T.

Alexi's practice also includes negotiating content distribution deals on multiple platforms, including cable, satellite, and over-the-top Internet distribution. He has experience negotiating retransmission consent agreements for broadcast television programming, as well as content agreements involving linear, video-on-demand, TV Everywhere, and other distribution channels. Alexi has also represented clients in content distribution agreements involving innovative Internet distribution platforms, including "virtual" MVPD services.

Alexi previously served as Vice President, Legal and Regulatory Affairs at Cablevision in Washington, D.C., where he focused on net neutrality, video programming reform, cybersecurity, privacy, and device regulation. Prior to joining Cablevision, he was a communications and antitrust attorney in private practice. He began his legal career as a law clerk to Judge Richard Cardamone, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.


Karen R.

Good detail on FCC actions.

Martin F.

It's a very good course, but it's in a subject area that is constantly changing, so I'm looking forward to an updated version the next time I'm doing my CLE.

David H.

Very good presentation.

Andrew S.

thorough treatment of the topic

Wilbur C.

That was really great. Thank-you. There are people who want to have rules and people who don't. I am convinced this is an area where we don't need them yet. It looks like 5G is pretty capital intensive and I am guessing the ability to provide broadband service is driving the decision to invest in it.

Cacilia M.

Extremely thorough and detailed presentation.

Paul F.

Well done.

Neil F.

Very good presentation. The presenter knows the material and was very understandable. Terrific.

Art H.

Very informative and well-organized presentation. Appreciated the presenter's ability to present the information in a "neutral" manner.

Laticia A.

Exceptional faculty who explained a politically charged topic resting on outdated statutes. Very informative.

Gregory L.

Very knowledgeable. Good teaching style.

Nicholas V.

Presenter did a great job of presenting potentially politicized information in a clear and effect manner.

Paul B.

Best presentation of the bunch... calm, straightforward, clear.


Superb presentation---clear, thorough, well organized and through.

Anna N.

I liked the slides

Annette E. P.


William P.

Unusually cogent and well delivered. Wonderful grasp of the subject.

Robert S.

This is an interesting and timely topic. I enjoyed this course.

Gordon P.


Adele W.

Great tutorial on net neutrality and where the law might head in the future.

Ian-Paul P.

Clear presentation. interesting. Nicely done.

Robert G.

Interesting commentary on the political aspects of this issue.

John C.

Outstanding explanation of a complex and fast changing regulatory landscape.

John A.


brian t.

This speaker was wonderful! Clarity in a complicated subject!!! And, a politically charged subject!

Carolyn D.


Kevin C.

Clear presentation and an interesting topic. Well done

Christopher O.

This was an excellent examination of the Net Neutrality concept, rules and interplay with the FCC/FCA

Denise J.

Timely and relevant to my practice area.

Savery G.

excellent and clear presentation -- not confusing in an area which is

John B.

Excellent speaker.

Jonathan N.

The course was very informative about a very current issue in which I have a great interest. Thank you.

Zack C.

Very good presentation. Clearly explained complex issues in an objective, middle-of-the-road manner.

Craig M.

Good review of the history of the subject matter.

Richard F.

Shed legal light on an issue of import that remains an item of public debate. Especially appreciated the historical context.

Janine H.

I understood the history and issues for the first time. Thanks.

Elizabeth P.

Interesting and timely.

William L.

Thorough and very understandable presentation.

Paul M.

Relevant topic in the current climate. Well done.

Candice M.

good course.

Emily H.

Very good presenter.

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