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Net Metering & Distributed Solar Generation: Developments in Law & Policy

1h 30m

Created on July 21, 2016



Powering homes with clean energy generated from rooftop solar panels and selling the excess energy to utilities are appealing prospects to those attuned to environmental, energy efficiency, and self-sufficiency considerations. Understandably, solar distributed generation has moved into the social and political electricity spotlight over the past several years. Solar distributed generation has energy value, the potential for reducing transmission costs and, under certain circumstances, capacity value. However, many states continue to debate and modify methods for solar distributed generation implementation. In this course, attorney Jillian Kirn provides an introduction to net metering and an overview of recent developments in distributed generation law and policy.


Learning Objectives:

I.     Understand net metering terminology, origins, and authority

II.    Recognize capacity limits

III.   Identify eligible technology under the law 

IV.   Grasp state variations in compensation rules 

V.    Address REC ownership issues and net metering system types 

VI.   Appreciate the pricing debate and policy developments 

VII.  Discuss recent regulatory developments and litigation

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