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Negotiation and Mediation Skills in Mergers and Acquisitions


Created on January 24, 2024





The journey towards a successful M&A transaction can be fraught with challenges. Successful negotiation during the transaction process requires preparation, communication, and creating value for both parties, and negotiations can still stall despite efforts to close. This program examines the basics of negotiation skills necessary for a successful transaction, as well as resolving stalled negotiations through the use of a neutral third-party mediator and the use of mediation techniques. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define and obtain a successful outcome and identify each party's "common interests" and motivations in the transaction
  2. Maintain productive negotiations and address common negotiation pitfalls
  3. Evaluate options if negotiations hit a stalemate and neither party wants to budge
  4. Consider engaging a third-party neutral mediator to assist with negotiations
  5. Identify what documents are necessary and how to use them effectively for a successfully resolved M/A transaction

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