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Navigating the Minefield of the New York Lien Law


Created on July 22, 2016




This seminar is intended to give an overview of the procedures and requirements for filing and preserving valid and enforceable Mechanics’ Liens in New York. Mechanics’ Liens are statutory and there are very particular requirements concerning content, timing and service outlined in the New York Lien Law. If those rules are not followed to the letter, a Mechanics’ Lien can be rendered void. Once it is voided, a lien cannot be resuscitated, so an attorney needs to be mindful of the very particular requirements of the Lien Law, of which there are many.

This program - taught by Robert C. Angelillo, a partner at Arkin Solbakken LLP - gives practitioners who are new to this area of law an understanding of the issues (and the pitfalls) of Mechanics’ Liens in New York. 

Learning Objectives:
  1. Know the requirements for content, timing, and service of Mechanics’ Liens under the NY Lien Law
  2. Understand the difference between public and private Mechanics’ Liens
  3. Discuss how an attorney can establish and preserve their clients’ Mechanics’ Lien rights

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