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Navigating the Interviewing & Hiring Process: How to Avoid Common Pitfalls and Make the Best Hire

1h 31m

Created on June 01, 2021





The interviewing and hiring process has always been fraught with potential legal risks for businesses. Non-compliant job applications, inappropriate social media screenings, unlawful interview questions, failure to hire claims -- all of these pose significant issues. Adding another layer, companies across industries want to increase the diversity of their workplace while making the right hiring decisions and staying on the right . And now, in the COVID context, when more employees are working remotely, there are further considerations.  What can organizations do to maximize the chances of hiring the best applicant while minimizing the risk of lawsuits?  

This seminar, designed for in-house counsel, human resources professionals and attorneys who support businesses, will focus on answering that question. The course will take a practical approach, combining legal and business issues, to navigate this tricky territory.  

Learning Objectives:

  1. Appreciate how key aspects of the hiring process take place before any applicant interviews

  2. Review what questions cannot be asked (and why) and how to use interviews to increase the chances of making a successful hire

  3. Identify whether and how to include social media screenings as part of the hiring process

  4. Assess the importance of documentation in the hiring process, including in defense of potential claims

  5. Discuss how web-based interviews, remote working and COVID have impacted the interviewing and hiring process

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